I have designed, created and maintained numerous websites for many years, as well as, in recent years, Facebook pages  for some.    I also  serve as an Internet Representative,  assisting clients with bookings, orders,  general questions, etc.    I have worked primarily with actors, musicians, artists,  and crafters, but my services are available to any interested client.   I also have experience in installing and operating PHP message boards using MySql databases

Please visit the websites of my current clients, by clicking on the names below.  I will soon be adding a few more to this list.  Then, on the next page, you can find details about what services I offer and a link to contact me.

Eddie Swimmer
A Cherokee/Chippewa-Cree multi-time world champion Hoop Dancer, Actor and Storyteller, Eddie has appeared all around the world and has performed during The Olympics opening ceremonies.  (This website will soon be updated to utilize more modern photo displays)

A very simply designed page to showcase a video of an important speech given by John Denver when he received the very first Ecology award, given by the University of Missouri,  at their St. Louis Campus.

Sacred Echoes Art on Facebook
Alison Clarke's paintings of Angels, Fairies and Goddesses can be purchased as prints or used as a design on many of the beautiful wood craft items available on her Facebook page.
Alison also creates beautiful baby and child gifts, as well as many home decor items. Each item is handmade and can be customized to the customers' requests.

Cross Creations on Facebook

The Crosses are very talented and create a wide variety of crafted items.  Some methods of doing their work was invented by them, making their items even more unique

Lori-H's Forum "The Cottage"
This is my personal message forum.  Drop in to a casual place to talk about almost any topic.   We have areas not seen by the general public  for the privacy of our members.

My website services

Please continue to the next page to see a listing of the services I offer, as well as the link to contact me.

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