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PostPosted: Mon Sep 03, 2018 9:49 pm 
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This pair of eagles seems to be cursed in some way. They lost two sets of young this spring and now in the latest disaster, they have lost their nest in a storm. Here's the report from Raptor Resource Project. Oh, and in addition to this story, the pair have been seen in the vicinity but have not stayed long. They seem kind of confused about what has happened.

Raptor Resource Project
August 28 at 8:18 PM ·
Storm Topples North Nest
We are very sorry to announce that the Decorah North Nest fell last night during a storm. We visited the nest today to assess the damage and look for Mr. and Mrs. North. Somewhat to our surprise, there were no freshly broken branches or limbs at the base of the tree or beneath the fallen nest. Given the high wind gusts and lashing rain that accompanied last night’s storm, we think that the wind blew the nest’s supporting branches off-kilter. The nest, which was heavily laden with water and slippery wet, plunged down between them. Once the nest started sliding, it was all over.
We’ve been asked if we’re going to build a starter nest for Mr. and Mrs. North. The DNN tree is a little tougher to work in than N2B, since the nest was cradled in branches at the side of the tree instead of built into a secure crotch. We are weighing our options and will be making another visit to assess the situation once our camera work on Lake Onalaska is done. We will advise of any options or plans once the tree is evaluated and our climbing experts and Board of Directors have a determination of how to proceed.
We did not find Mr. and Mrs. North, although the weather was stormy almost all day long and they may easily have been hunkered down under cover elsewhere in the valley. We are able to monitor the nest remotely via camera and will be watching and listening for them and checking on their status.

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 04, 2018 9:45 am 
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Oh no! Didn't their nest fall once before, and Bob/others managed to reconstruct one using some of the nesting material from the old one? That gave them a bit of familiarity, although eagles don't have a strong sense of smell. I hope they're both ok. The storms I've seen on camera and the way those cottonwood trees sway has always brought out my "human" rationale, instead of knowing they will do what is best. I always want them to somehow take their young and move to a safe shelter.

While it seems that mom did a great job with her brood without dad, all in all, that area was not the best for eagles this year. Maybe she will hook up with the new "man in the neighborhood", which seems to be his intention anyway, since he hung around so much. I just hope he didn't fight the original death to win the status of man of the nest.

I hope the north pair has a wonderful season next year. They sure deserve it. ---I'm glad to report that those being watched in my area have done fantastic so far. We saw one of the younger ones soaring around near the river. At least, we're pretty sure that's what it was. Their pickings are slim there because they have drained that particular lake to do dam repairs and in the process, it drew down the river, of course. Right now it looks more like the little creek in my back yard. But, mom and dad managed to find plenty of food for the ETSU eagles. I hope to hear of many more in our area in the next couple of years.

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